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Malta Residence Permit

Malta Residence Permit Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is an island country in the European Union consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and considered part of Southern Europe.
Fundamental facts about Malta
  • With its location in the center of the Mediterranean, Malta has been inhabited since approximately 5900 BC
  • Valletta is the capital of Malta
  • Maltese and English are the official languages
  • Euro is the country's currency
  • It's established that 66% of the current Maltese population is at least conversational in the Italian language
  • Population of Malta is 516,100 people
  • Malta is the world's tenth-smallest country in area
Malta Citizenship by Investment Program
Malta Citizenship program offers such a great deal for investors and the program has been efficiently working in benefit for both investors and the government. In 36 months, or via  higher investment, 12 months, you can obtain citizenship. Malta passport provides the citizens to visa free travel to 182 countries. As a citizen of Malta, passport holders have the freedom to attend last-minute business trips or take spontaneous family holidays!
The investment options required that the government offers for citizenship by investment in Malta makes acquiring a second citizenship and obtaining Malta passport a really great opportunity!
These options range from €700,000 - €1,460,000.
The investment value depends on the chosen contribution option, and whether the applicant decides to purchase a property at €700,000 or above or rent a residence for at least five years at €18,000 per annum or higher.
Investors may contribute €600,000 - 36 months of residency, with citizenship application thereafter, or by exception a higher investment of €700,000 and a period of 12 months of residence before citizenship application.
Additionally, a €10,000 donation to a registered and compliant NGO is mandatory.
Non-refundable Government fund contribution
€600,000 – As the investor you must hold residency for three years before applying for citizenship
€750,000 – By exception you must hold residency for one year before applying for citizenship
Rent or real estate purchase
€700,000 - Minimum real estate purchase value to apply for citizenship
€90,000 – Rental for five years. If you reside on a rental basis, you must lease a property for at least five years at a minimum of €18,000 per annum
Donation to a non-profit organization
You have to make a obligatory donation of €10,000 which can be divided between several registered and compliant voluntary organizations.
How the Acquisition Process Goes
With our guidance, you will be ensured that all you need for your application to go smoothly is covered. The documents required will be formed correctly, with utmost care and attention.
Firstly, we will check if you are eligible for the application. In order to acquire Malta citizenship by investment, you have to have a clean criminal record and legitimate source of funds. Your entire family can be included too; the spouse, children until the 29 years of age, siblings and dependent parents over the 55 years of age.
Then, according to your choice of the investment options, we will start collecting the documents. Making sure that all the requirements are covered is essential for an easy and quick process for citizenship so by working with an experienced citizenship consultancy will save you time & money. A residence card application is submitted to initiate the 36 month of by exception the 12-month residency requirement. The physical presence of the applicant is required for biometrics to be captured.
Once your citizenship application has been reviewed by the Maltese Government and the Registry office you will be invited to visit Malta to swear the oath of allegiance to the Republic of Malta and collect apply for your passport.