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Portugal Golden Visa 2022 Results

Portugal Golden Visa 2022 Results 12.01.2023 Portugal's SEF (Immigration and Borders Service) has published its final monthly statistical report for 2022 on the country's Golden Visa program. Looking at the data, December 2022 became the most successful month of the Golden Visa program since June 2020, with 151 Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit applications approved as a result of an investment of €79.16 million. For the full year, the program approved 1,281 applications, representing an improvement of 48% compared to 2021.
The number of approved applications in the fund investment category tripled in 2022 to 235 (compared to 81 in 2021). This meant that investment under the category tripled from €28.6 million in 2021 to €86.3 million.
The Americans were the top applicant country, with 216 Portuguese Golden Visa applications approved in 2022 (compared to 102 in 2021). China was close behind, with 213 applications approved.
In total, 11,535 Portuguese Golden Visa applications have been approved and investors have received their golden visas since the program began in November 2012. The vast majority of applicants have chosen to invest in real estate.
The 2022 report concludes that the Portugal Golden Visa residence permit program has been a highly successful and promising program, collecting a cumulative investment of €6.8 billion in its first ten years. With its multiple options and advantages, the program is attracting a lot of interest from investors.
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