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Golden Visa: Residence Permit by Investment

Golden Visa: Residence Permit by Investment 26.09.2022 A residence permit by investment offers you the opportunity to legally obtain permanent residency status in another country in exchange for an investment in its economy. Permanent residency is a visa status that allows the holder to legally live, work, attend school and access healthcare in the host country. We can say that having a permanent residence permit is a golden path towards eventually attaining citizenship, provided that the person has lived in that country for a certain period of time. For this reason, it must be called the Golden Visa, that is, the Golden Visa program.

Difference Between Residence Permit and Citizenship

Migration programs vary around the world, and each has conditions and requirements that make it different from the other. There may be a misconception that obtaining a residence permit means obtaining citizenship. Therefore, it is useful to take a brief look at the differences between residency and citizenship.

Obtaining citizenship makes you a citizen of that country, and as a citizen you have the right to live, study, work, vote and receive health care in that country.

A residence permit, on the other hand, is a permit that allows a person to reside in a particular country with conditions that must be met. With a residence permit, you cannot enjoy political rights such as the right to vote, and this permission is granted for specific reasons such as work, education or investment.

At this point, we have good news! Golden Visa residence permit offers you much more than an ordinary residence permit...

Why Golden Visa Programs

Simple! Because Golden Visa is key to optimizing a high-net-worth portfolio because of its possibilities to increase business and lifestyle opportunities and expand market reach. Obtaining a golden visa is the best possible insurance policy against economic and political risks in a volatile world. In addition to enabling global mobility, golden visa programs give wealthy individuals the option to settle in a more physically fit country and access full residency rights, including the right to live, work, study and receive healthcare in that country.

With the Golden Visa, you investors and your family get access to a range of job, career, education, health, tax and lifestyle opportunities around the world. For example, many golden visa programs, such as the Portugal Golden Visa Residency Program, which offers citizenship after five years, allow the successful applicant to apply for citizenship after several years of residence. The Greek Golden Visa Residency Program allows investors to apply for citizenship after seven years and to the Residence by Investment Program after 10 years.

Investment options depend on the specific needs of the particular program, but real estate investment is the most popular option among investors. International real estate has always been the reliable choice for global investors due to its long-term persistence. This is why buying or renting real estate is a key driver and condition for residency with popular EU countries, including Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Portugal, with investment programs. Real estate-linked gold visa programs have the added benefit of increasing one's relocation or retirement (or both) options, along with the tried-and-tested benefits of investing in international real estate. This type of hybrid investment will give you potential lifetime gains.

Make a Strong Investment in Your Future

You can make a wise investment in your present and future by taking advantage of the Golden Visa programs that offer numerous advantages for you and your loved ones. Greece, Portugal, Malta golden visa programs are the leading Golden Visa programs of today and turn into a very easy and hassle-free process with the right consultancy service!

We offer different citizenship, residence permit and investment options to our customers from many different countries through our cooperation with reputable law offices and consultancy companies in Turkey and in different parts of the world. As Invest Your Dreams Consulting, our first priority is to provide our clients with an easy and safe process. Please contact us for any thoughts you have! We are here to offer you comprehensive advice and support your dreams...