CITIZENSHIPCITIZENSHIPPeople need second citizenship for many reasons, the most important of which is to increase your mobility, thus allowing you to travel without the need for a visa. With your current nationality, you can get the right to pass directly to countries that require a visa. You will also have the opportunity to earn income from your investments.MORE
RESIDENCE PERMITRESIDENCE PERMITJust like in citizenship, you need to get a visa with your current country passport with the residence permit you will get through investment, but you can gain the right to travel to many countries without a visa and earn income from your investment.MORE
HOUSINGHOUSINGThe easiest, cheapest and most profitable form of obtaining citizenship and residence permit through investment is to invest in a house. You can obtain your second citizenship with a housing investment. Thus, it can generate rental income. At the same time, you get the right to apply for a residence permit or citizenship of the country of residence.MORE
Why Invest Your Dreams Since 2018, we have ensured the satisfaction of hundreds of our customers who obtained citizenship and residence permits from Turkey and other countries through investment. We provide fast and reliable service with our expert local law offices and network of consultants for each residence permit and citizenship.

Subjects we serve, Second citizenship by investment, Obtaining residence permit, Establishing a company abroad, Opening personal or company bank accounts, Investment funds, Buying real estate, Establishing a company abroad.

We offer different citizenship, residence permit and investment options to our customers from many different countries with our cooperation with reputable law offices and consultancy companies in Turkey and in different parts of the world. Who Needs Our Services.
  • Able to reserve a minimum amount of $250,000 or more,
  • Business people who want to travel without the need for a visa due to international mobility,
  • Those looking for safe investment and income for their savings,
  • Those who want to start a new life for themselves and their family,
  • Those who want to create a plan B for their life.
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